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                               Home of the finest, most unique jams & savories. Carefully crafted with artisan techniques.                                             Created with our heart and soul!



Find out more about our all organic ingredients from certified local farms that we use for our products, home-made from the garden to the kitchen and beyond.

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Are you looking for a unique gift or a wedding favor? We have the perfect idea for you, a selection of gourmet jams, custom packaged for any occasion.

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We craft our products one batch at a time. Ingredients are peeled, mixed, stirred, poured, and packaged by hand. Our ingredients are earth and environment friendly. All our jams and jellies are gluten free. Our products are 100% natural, made exclusively from organically certified fresh local fruit that are pesticide free. Our packaging is produced on environmentally sanctioned stock with soy-based inks.

We proudly offer a mouthwatering selection of jams, jellies and chutneys from exotic fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables, ready to enjoy!

Lelys M.

"Hi! Rochelois Jams makes every other jellies in the market look inferior. Such a wonderful product. No wonder I don't buy jellies from other vendors/supermarkets anymore. Love you guys."


“Bellande talks about jelly the way Leonardo da Vinci might have talked about his paintings. She may have struck a perfect balance of flavors in her habanero and guava mix.”  - read more


“Their Rochelois Jams are made from locally grown tropical fruit, and the flavors are      worthy of a happy dance.”  - read more

Marie B.

"Delicious!!!! I mixed in a jar of mango passion jam to make my cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. What a treat to share the fruits of Cuckie's labor across the miles! Yummy!"

Gabi O.

"I just love your jams! I came across them at the Green Festival in Miami Shores and ended up purchasing the pumpkin, mango, jalapeno and guava and have enjoyed them with cheese and crackers and I even put some of the pumpkin jam in a scone recipe! Really delicious.....wonderful!"